Healthy tradies means healthy trade industries

We know you share our respect and support for tradies around Australia

They’re a huge part of our community both professionally and privately, which is why we’re passionate about protecting their health.

Whether it be construction, mining, or agriculture – healthy tradies mean healthy trade industries.

Occupational lung disease treatment has always focused on prevention, rehabilitation and managing the conditions. With your help, we can do more. The Tradie Health Institute is dedicated to detecting the disease earlier, performing ground-breaking research and undertaking pioneering medical treatments to make lives better.

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Tradie Health Institute Champion of the Month

John Smith
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What makes Tradie Health Institute different?

Established in collaboration with the public health sector, our largest lung centre, universities, scientists and industry, we are committed to driving real, tangible impacts for the health of our nation’s tradies and their families.

The problem

Trade industries have laid the foundation for cities and towns for many generations, and at the heart of this are people. For some, however, that work has come at a terrible cost to their wellbeing.

Thousands of Australian tradespeople have been diagnosed with an occupational lung disease that impacts their quality of life and the length of it. We need to change the prognosis for them.

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Tradie resting against wall and feeling out of breathe at a job site

The opportunity

Our work involves raising awareness, forming ground-breaking research, and undertaking pioneering treatments to protect the lives and livelihoods of these people.

Each and every day we’re driven by the opportunity to give help and hope to our nation’s tradies and their families.

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Tradie Health Institute

The Tradie Health Institute, powered by The Common Good is a world-first research initiative established initially to tackle occupational lung disease, including the deadly disease silicosis.

From humble labs inside Australia’s leading cardiothoracic hospital, The Prince Charles Hospital, our internationally renowned scientists are performing groundbreaking work to improve the lives of those we know and love.

Hear from our Partners

Mark Baker

“Sadly, there are many out there who have not taken the right precautions or simply weren’t aware of the risks. I now call on other CEOs to stand with BESIX Watpac and support The Tradie Health Institute in this battle against silicosis and other occupational lung conditions.”

Melton White
Mideco, Director

“We were aware of the efforts of The Common Good to tackle occupational lung disease, particularly the work they are funding in the silicosis space. As a company, we want to be part of meaningful solutions for the community, and this is another way to show just how committed we are to keeping tradies safe.”

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