Coming together for the good of all tradies

What is the Tradie Health Institute?

The Tradie Health Institute is the first of its kind.

From humble labs inside Australia’s leading cardiothoracic hospital, The Prince Charles Hospital, our internationally renowned scientists are performing groundbreaking work to tackle the silicosis epidemic.

The prevention of occupational lung disease is critically important, but what about those who are already impacted and are suffering?

The Tradie Health Institute aims to provide hope to those currently impacted by occupational lung disease, but also opportunities to take more preventative action against occupational lung disease through better detection methods and DNA markers.

There are hundreds of thousands of tradies at risk of occupational lung disease and the Tradie Health Institute is uniting the best in research, health, government and industry to create better health outcomes for tradies and their families.

Our mission

When science, medicine, industry and people come together for the common good, we are in a unique position to focus our resources to achieve better outcomes, faster.

Our ultimate mission is to improve the health outcomes for those impacted by occupational lung disease. The Tradie Health Institute will be a catalyst for advancing tangible, impactful detection and treatment outcomes.

Our goals

Who’s on the team

Steve Francia

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dan Chambers

Professor, clinician and internationally recognised authority in thoracic medicine

Dr. Simon Apte

Chief Scientist

About The Common Good

The Common Good is an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, a medical research charity established in 1986.

It has supported major breakthroughs across heart disease, lung disease, mental health and dementia.

The impacts of their research ripple right across the nation and the world. With the support of the public, The Common Good sustains the work of our brilliant researchers so that they can continue to make life-saving and life-changing medical breakthroughs.

The charity has a unique business model, operating commercial enterprises to offset operating costs to ensure public and corporate support has the greatest impact on medical research.

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The Common Good acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the Land upon which we live, work and walk, and pay our respects to Elders both past and present.